Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter Pictures

I had high hopes that maybe this time I could get a good picture of all the kids. No such luck. The picture above is what most of them looked like! I know, good luck with that! We did get a few others that turned out pretty cute! The kids are growing up too fast! (P.S. - Thanks Debbie)

Dry Nurse

Our own "Dry Nurse"

"Tu Tu" Cute - "tu tu" Scratchy

Easter baskets this year included cute Tu Tu's for the girls. I had high hopes that because they dance around the house all day long - that this would be a fun addition to their dress-ups and leotards. The truth is - they turned out cute when I finished them, but once the girls got them on - the tulle stuck together and made the skirt look all crazy and the girls think they are too scratchy and they haven't hardly worn them. SOOOO SAD! So, if you are thinking about making a tu tu, call me first and I will tell you what not to use!

Easter Activities

We loved having the Griffeth kids over for fun easter egg decorating.

The kids always love Easter egg hunts.
Easter morning we invited the Button family over for YUMMY french toast brunch and a symbolic easter Egg hunt (thanks Erin!)

Conference Fun

We love General Conference weekend. We not only enjoyed listening to the Prophet and church leaders at home - but also all the fun traditions that go along with being at as a family for the weekend.
Yummy Cinnamon rolls!
Conference Bingo (and sleepy dad)
Listening in a tent (like King Benjamin's People)

My Life

This is how I read stories

This is how I take naps
I love that I am never lonely!

Eva in Panties

So, after Eva going potty on the toilet on and off for the last few months, I finally decided to try her in panties before she decided that she didn't like the potty anymore. She is not by any means totally potty trained - but I have to say, I think she is doing great. YEAH! Eva (and the girls if they help) get 1 starburst when she goes pee, and 2 when she poops. Malea asked the other day if they could get 3 if she goes diarrhea. Anything, to get more candy!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Twins 2 months

I took the twins in for their 2 month check on Wednesday. They are doing great and getting really big. Tate is now 10 lbs. 9 oz., and Talee is 10 lbs. 5 oz. It's crazy to think that they have gained 4 lbs already. They are sweet babies and even both slept 6 hours last night. WOW!!!