Monday, June 27, 2011

Baby Chicks

Some friends of ours just got 17 baby chicks in the mail. They are not more than a week old! For Family Night tonight we went to go see them. It was fun, and each of the kids got to hold one for a quick second.

Yes, Tate loved it, he had no fear!
Tate just wanted in with the rest of them. Can't you just see the wheels turning!

Dinner with Friends

One of the things we LOVE about Pittsburgh is the people. We had some of our favorite friends over for dinner Sunday night. Thanks for taking such great care of us!

My "NEW" Chair

I bought this chair on Craigslist for $20 (with the intention to re-upholster it). It was kind of a random thing really - I don't get on Criagslist very often and we decided it might look nice to put a chair in the entry area of our basement that we are almost done finishing. So, I found this chair - and it stuck out a little too far in that space. Darn, oh well ... I guess it will have to go upstairs! YES! So, I have never done anything like this - but let me tell you - it was FUN! I am sure you will see more in the future! If only I had more space for chairs! ;)
It took Joseph and I 4 hours to pull off all the old material. Well, Joseph helped for about an hour and got about 3 times as much done as I did, in the other 3 hours I was working on it. There is a lot to be said for brute strength! I took a gazillion pictures along the way and labeled on the back of each piece the order I took it off, and any other details I needed to remember. Then I used those pieces as a template to cut the new fabric.
The "BARE" chair.
We refinished the legs, and then went crazy with the nail gun. That was FUN!
I even spilt a little blood on it - just for initiation.

It's even comfortable!
And if you make a new chair, you have to make a new pillow to go with it!


So, really sorry that the next several posts all happened over a month ago. But, they are here now! Hopefully it won't take us another 6 months to post something!

Eva's Preschool Graduation BBQ

This year Eva and 7 little friends have been doing a little preschool swap 1 day a week. We had a very busy learning schedule, LOTS of parties, and even a field trip. We celebrated the end of the year with a BBQ and little program. This special dinner fell on the evening of Eva's birthday, so that was pretty special evening for her.
I love that Talee thinks she is "9".
After dinner we had a little program, where the kids did a little ASL they learned in preschool. They also received an award and there "All About Me" books they had been working on all year.
Then back to food again - Cake and Banana Splits!
Our Eva is growing up!

Eva Turns "4" (and visit from cousins)

Our sweet busy Eva turned "4" on May 23rd. She got to spend the weekend before her birthday with her Winder cousins who came to visit from Michigan.
Their cousins got to come pick up Kiah and Malea from school. What a treat!
Okay, so let's be honest. Tricia and I spent 85% of our "free" time behind our sewing machines or painting and glazing a (soon to be revealed) furniture project . While sewing we made a special gift for our sister's new baby, Tricia finished 2 ties, and she also made a dress for Sydney. I was working on sewing together a few things for my new chair! We stayed up REALLY late for the 3 nights she was here - and LOVED every minute of it!
Don't worry ... I think the kids had fun too!
These cute little boys are only 6 months and 15 lbs apart! SO CUTE!

Kiah's Art Show

Kiah LOVES to do anything that has to do with ART! Her butterfly picture titled "Time to Fly" was selected for the District Art Show. Nice job Kiah!


Future Rancher for Hire...
... Discovered at the Pittsburgh Children's Festival.
Qualifications include:

... and last but not least - "Wrestling."
(But he's VERY expensive!)

We LOVE the Pittsburgh Children's Festival. The city puts it on every year with FREE crafts, face painting, concerts, petting zoo, etc. It is a HUGE event too, they don't hold back on the fun! Although Tate stole the show most of the time at the Petting Zoo, the other kids had a BLAST too! They however, were a little more timid at first.
Look at these awesome face paintings!!!
But that Rancher -- he didn't want anything to do with that stuff! Where's the HORSES???
We LOVE this city!