Monday, June 27, 2011

My "NEW" Chair

I bought this chair on Craigslist for $20 (with the intention to re-upholster it). It was kind of a random thing really - I don't get on Criagslist very often and we decided it might look nice to put a chair in the entry area of our basement that we are almost done finishing. So, I found this chair - and it stuck out a little too far in that space. Darn, oh well ... I guess it will have to go upstairs! YES! So, I have never done anything like this - but let me tell you - it was FUN! I am sure you will see more in the future! If only I had more space for chairs! ;)
It took Joseph and I 4 hours to pull off all the old material. Well, Joseph helped for about an hour and got about 3 times as much done as I did, in the other 3 hours I was working on it. There is a lot to be said for brute strength! I took a gazillion pictures along the way and labeled on the back of each piece the order I took it off, and any other details I needed to remember. Then I used those pieces as a template to cut the new fabric.
The "BARE" chair.
We refinished the legs, and then went crazy with the nail gun. That was FUN!
I even spilt a little blood on it - just for initiation.

It's even comfortable!
And if you make a new chair, you have to make a new pillow to go with it!


Michelle Perry said...

Awesome job! Cute fabric!

Sarah Katherine Westover said...

Oh my heavens Lisa. I love it! It turned out so great. You should make a little business out of that. buy old things and re furnish or shabby sheek it! How fun.

It looks GREAT!

Alyson said...

Wow...that is amazing! I have always been so intimidated at the thought of re-upholstering furniture. Seeing your project inspires me!

Lizzie said...

Love it, Love it, LOVE IT!!! You are amazing. I love the fabric you chose... now I just need to come test it out, you think Joseph will mind if I borrow his new napping chair? ;)

Amazing job!

Grams and Grumps said...

One picture looks deep spring green, one looks black,and the other looks brown. ??? How did you ever match the fabric pattern so beautifully? It even looks like you and Joseph were smiling during the project. Gramps said he had forgotten how cute the chicks (and the kids)were. Did you get the word that Angela is engaged? Tom is a gentle giant. Sep 16 is the date. We went looking at wedding dresses yesterday and had a ball.

Katie Morgan said...

YOu are AMAZING!! and I'm so jealous!! I've always wanted to make my house not buy it and this would definitely go along with that saying. I'd hire you if you lived closer. :( :) LOVE YOU!!

ang said...

WOW!!! It looks awesome! I want lessons!

ps. I'm engaged! September 16th is the date.