Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Do You Ever Feel Like This?

I think I feel like this all the time - but, why won't anyone let me sleep at the table? Eva is like the energizer bunny on steroids. She keeps going and going!!! She wakes up early (between 6 and 7) and won't take a nap anymore - and then, will stay up as long as she can keep her eyes awake. On Memorial Day, this was the first time she actually sat still long enough for it to register she was exhausted. She has been up late, and we are transitioning her to the bottom bunk with Malea - so, she is getting even less sleep. Poor Eva (poor mommy)!

Sundaes on Sunday

Sunday we had a bunch of the first years over for "Sundaes" and to celebrate Eva's birthday. We had a lot of fun toppings and a bunch of fun! Thanks guys for coming and happy birthday Eva!

Eva Grows Up

Here are a few pics of our sweet Eva growing up!
Eva - day 1 and 2

Eva - 1 week
Eva - 7 months

Eva - 10 months
Eva's 1st Birthday

Eva - 1 year

Eva - 2 years

Eva Turns "2"

Our sweet (and very busy) Eva turned 2 on the 23rd. We don't go out to eat very often, so for breakfast we went to the "golden arches" for pancakes. Let me tell you - that was a special treat.

And of course, later we did presents...

and we discovered what Malea wants for her next birthday... (this video is hilarious)

Malea's New Yellow Blankie

We have been without a camera for a week or so now - so I am now playing catch up ( I guess that is nothing new). We made it to the fabric store the Monday after the Blanket trauma. All 6 of us went and picked out some yellow satin for the back of some yellow chenille material I already had. I made it Monday night and put it in bed with her, she was pretty excited to find it in her bed with her when she woke up. She still missed her long time friend for a few nights after that, and is not as attached to this blanket - but, that is just fine with me. Maybe I can get her to snuggle with me a little more now.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Journey of a "Yellow Blankie"

This is a story of a little 3 year girl named Malea and the love she had for her "yellow blankie." It all started when Malea was a little baby and loved having this soft yellow blankie snuggled up to her face to help her fall asleep. She became quite attached to this "yellow blankie" and would request it not only when she was going to sleep, but more often than not, would request it instead of her parents when she needed comfort. But, we had rules about her blankie - it didn't go out of the house (unless we were going on an overnight trip, etc.) and it was "supposed " to just stay on her bed. But, it of course had to be used for the tablecloth in her tea party, and sometimes wrapped around her waist to make a quick skirt. She loved this blankie and would show her love by squishing it in a ball and rubbing it against her face. This little love affair continued until yesterday. Our sweet little Malea has really thrashed this little blankie and I told her I thought that it was about time that we threw it away and made her another one. I really said it kind of in the midst of other things going on and then didn't think anything of it - until bedtime when... our sweet little Malea reports to her bed and just starts balling. I asked her what was wrong and she told me she wanted her yellow blankie. It was the end of the day, and I was of course tired and not very patient. I replied "where is it Malea, go get it." She then looked at me in tears and said "mom, it's in the garbage - you told me to." I picked her up in my arms and just started crying with her. It broke my heart. I was so proud of her for being obedient and shocked that this sweet little girl would give up the one thing I think she loves the most. So, needless to say, we are going on a trip to the fabric store tomorrow to find some new material to make her a new "yellow blankie." Here are some pictures of the journey of Malea and her very special "yellow blankie."

Deep Freeze

So Joseph gave in to my begging for months for a deep freeze. Happy Mother's day, Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, etc. He found a GREAT deal at Lowe's and happened to know the salesman - so he got an even better deal. I am not allowed to ask for anything for a year ;-). So, I made some strawberry jam for freezer initiation. YUM!

Mothers Day and New Dresses

Happy Mother's Day to all!!! I have had a wonderful day with breakfast in bed (a special angel food cake breakfast with a bacon and egg bagel sandwich), a bouquet of beautiful dandelions picked so lovingly by my little angels, the joy of hearing the kids sing in church and the best of all was having Joseph not have to go anywhere or do anything - just stay home with us. I found a very easy and simple sun dress and decided this week to attempt making them for the girls. It was fun, and I think they turned out ok. I hope you had a wonderful day too!