Saturday, February 28, 2009

Our Hospital Visit

So, our family (just like everyone else's this time of year) has all been sick. When I delivered the twins I had a bad cough, the girls had yucky noses, and even Joseph was diagnosed with pneumonia a week or so ago. Then this week I took Talee and Malea into the doctor on Tuesday because Talee was starting to cough and was congested - and Malea ended up with a double ear infection. Talee's little cold hadn't moved to her chest or her ears (yet - please pray it won't) and little Tate had no symptoms of anything.

Then of course on Wednesday afternoon Tate woke up from a nap and felt warm. I took his temperature and it was 99.9. Which is really low grade, but for a 4 week old baby it is a little scary. So, after a very long and sad night for him I took his temperature in the morning and it was 100.6. So, I called the doctor - because in my past 3 visits with the twins (for weight checks) the Pediatrician said to call if the temperature was over 100. So, I took Tate in and after our visit - he said that he was going to call the Emergency room and have us go over and do some blood work to make sure he was ok. Mostly because he was so young and his immune system is so immature. So, long story short - they ended up giving him an IV, did blood work, took a urine sample, and even did a spinal tap to check for meningitis. This was of course a very scary and emotional experience for me!!! I was very grateful that Joseph and a kind friend were able to give him a priesthood blessing. Then we were admitted to the hospital so they could observe him overnight until the results came back.

The preliminary results came back that everything was looking fine (so they took his IV out and said we could most likely go home in the am.) Then that night around 11pm - they came back and told us the urinalysis came back positive for bacteria. (So, of course they had to give him another IV so they could start antibiotics - this time not in his arm but in his head.) So, now the question was what kind of bacteria or if it was a contaminated urine sample. So, we had to stay 48 hours until the bacteria culture grew. When we got to the hospital Tate was not showing any symptoms of a viral infection - but while we were there he started with a little cough and runny nose. Which all the doctors told us - "he probably has just what everyone else in your home has - but, what if he doesn't and we miss something - we don't want him to be that baby." Which I totally agree with - I would rather be safe than sorry. We had great doctors and nurses and are very grateful that he didn't have anything more than a cold.

So, today the culture came back negative and we took our sweet baby back home. He is doing great and now we are just praying that the twins colds won't turn into anything else - I DON'T want to end up back in the hospital next week!!!!! We were so lucky that Joseph's mom is still here and we were able to swap staying with the kids here at home and watching Tate in the hospital. Thank you mom!!!

The sweet reunion - Talee really missed her brother!
(I promise I did not do this just for a picture - they are so sweet!)

Two Peas in a Pod

Here are our 2 little peas in a pod. As you will see - they love bath time. Especially Talee!!

I wish I could enjoy a bath as much as she did!!! As it is I am lucky if I shower every third day!

Eva's Pigtails

So, Eva doesn't have a lot of hair - and it has been hard for me to be creative with it -- but, today we tried pigtails for the first time. So CUTE!!! I have to say, they didn't last long - she had them pulled out within an hour, but it was cute while it lasted!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Baby Blessing

We had a wonderful experience last weekend with the baby blessing of the twins. My mom stayed with us for 5 weeks to help before and after the babies came, and when she left Joseph's mom came to stay for a little while. With the changing of the guard we decided it was a good time to bless the babies. Both of our fathers came for the weekend and also Joseph's aunt and uncle from DC came for the occasion too. Baby blessings are always very sweet - but two of your own, is especially emotional. Joseph gave beautiful blessings of health and spiritual strength. He even asked that Tate have extra patience to put up with all the girls in the home (that got a little chuckle from the congregation)! Special thanks to Nana and Papa Westover for the blessing outfits! Let me just say - taking pictures was definitely not the highlight of the day - everyone became especially crabby when the camera came out. I don't know why that is - on days you want to remember the most, pictures never turn out like you want. Anyway, here is what we got.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

First Week

Here are a few pictures from the week. The babies are great - they are giving mom a little sleep at night and are eating all the time (but, still not back to birth weight). We wouldn't have been able to make it through the week without the help of Lisa's mom. The girls love the babies and keep themselves entertained so mom can sleep and feed the babies.
The girls entertaining us with a scripture singing poetry reading

Baby Tate

Baby Talee

Lisa's attempt at photography