Sunday, January 31, 2010

Our Little Monkeys Turn "1"

I can't believe it, but it's true. It has been a year since our little monkeys were born. It has been a wonderful ride! And, now the easy part is over and the real adventure begins!! Tate has been walking for about a month, and Talee is quite close herself. They are up and down the stairs all day long and into everything!!! Tate weighs 19lbs. 1 oz. and Talee is 18 lbs. 12 oz.

We thought it would be fun to get together with our friends the Nelsons, who had their little son Paxton a day before the twins, and were our neighbors in the hospital. We are so glad our sweet friends the Gneitings joined us for the celebration too. Devin's birthday was the same day as the twins! And yes, the kids love him because he is a monkey too!

The little Birthday Monkeys

The Cakes

We enjoyed a yummy strawberry roll that Jessica brought and a monkeys favorite food - Banana Splits.

Talee gagged on her cake and then threw it on the floor.

Tate loved it so much he licked his plate clean.
Which as you can see, Talee didn't quite understand.
"Oh, well. Your loss!"

Kiah and Malea made special birthday hats for the babies. Tate loved his!

Then, a little milk to wash it all down! I am sure Tate was wishing it was chocolate!
Sweet dreams our darling little Monkeys!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Journey to Jerusalem

Joseph and I had the amazing once in a life-time opportunity to travel to the Holy Land with some friends of ours Billy and Kristy Hull. They were going to visit her parents Bob and Sue Allen who have been serving as service missionaries at the BYU Jerusalem Center for almost 18 months. They will be returning to Arizona in about a week and a half after touching many people's lives in Israel. Being with Bob and Sue and the Allen family on this trip, has made a lasing impression in our hearts and changed our lives forever. Thank you for letting us come!

After sorting through over 1500 pictures that were taken on our trip, we have put together a slide show of some of our favorite spots, and people. This grouping still has over 350 pictures, so for those of you that don't have that much time - we have posted a few of our favorite things below!

We loved the locals! Many so different, so faithful, so amazing to watch and learn from!
One of our favorite places to visit was the Sea of Galilee. This spot is the same today that it was over 2000 years ago. Beautiful! We could easily see why Jesus spent so much time here, and called His apostles from around these waters. Many miracles happened on the sea and around the hills nearby. We had a special opportunity to sit on rocks by the waters edge, sing some songs, read some of the miracles, and remember. Two mornings we also arose early and watched the sun-rise. Breath-taking.
While in Galilee we went to the Mount of Transfiguration. That day it was all hidden in a cloud. Fitting and Majestic.
In conjunction with our dead sea float we also had a mud scrub. So slimy and FUN!Shawarma was one of Joseph (and Billy's) favorite things to try in Israel. To see what Shawarma is you will have to see the whole slide show :-).
The Garden Tomb. This spot was worth all the time and money it took to go on our trip. This spot truly is very sacred and special. We know that "He is Risen!"

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kiah Turns "6"

Kiah turned "6" on January 6th!!! It was a very special day for her, because we were traveling back from Arizona on her birthday. So, that lucky girl got to celebrate in three places - AZ, on the plane, and then we took her out for a special kids meal on our way back from the airport. We left Cottonwood for the airport around 7am with Nana. Then Aunt Sarah and Tarah met us at the airport for a special birthday celebration. They brought a special donut birthday cake and wished us farwell.

Even Tate swiped a piece!

Saying goodbye to Nana and the girls!!! These ladies (and papa and Jordan) made it all possible for us to take our trip to Israel. Without them it would not have happened!!! Thanks again!

Then on the airplane Kiah got the royal treatment. First they wished her Happy Birthday over the loud speaker (and everyone in the plane cheered for her.) Then during the flight, she was brought a special "Southwest" cake (made out of toilet paper) and a birthday crown (made out of packages of peanuts). They went out of their way to make her day special. It was awesome! Thank you Southwest!!!

Then later that week we celebrated at home with presents. Kiah had been asking for 2 things: a "real" guitar, and dress-up wedding gown. She loved both, and even got some special guitar lessons from dad!

We love after Halloween sales! This picture will be a fun one to compare with a FUTURE event.
A beautiful bride and birthday girl!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Christmas in Arizona

So, many of you know that we spent Christmas this year in Arizona with Joseph's family. We had a fun time getting together with 11 of the 12 siblings (except the stomach flu that hit - which we were lucky enough to avoid). Here are a few memorable pictures from our trip and our family reunion.

Our first stop off the airplane was at Joseph's sister Julia's house. It was her son Kaden's birthday and to celebrate we went and saw the lights on the Mesa Temple Grounds. By the time we got there all the kids were asleep in the car except Kiah. Lucky Her!!!

Then on to Nana and Papa Westover's house in Cottonwood, this is where everyone came for the reunion. We even had a special visitor while we were there.

We of course had to take family pictures. (we don't have a copy of the whole family yet - maybe soon.) Too bad the light was killing everyone's eyes - especially dad and malea!

Tarah, Rebekah, and Sarah

And, of course a lot of other random fun!!!

(she is going to be our gymnast)

Then, everyone left and we celebrated Christmas with nana and papa and only 7 of the aunts and uncles :-)

Sarah and Tarah are Joseph's darling twin sisters. Sarah (left) made this sweatshirt for Tarah for Christmas using a bleach pen. It turned out DARLING!!!