Friday, January 30, 2009


The babies are here - hooray!!!!!
Born 1/28/2009:
Tate Joseph - 6lbs. 4oz. , 19 1/4 inches born 4:10pm
Talee Grace - 6lbs. 14 oz. , 19 1/2 inches born 4:31pm

Mom, dad, and babies are doing great - and sisters can't keep their hands (and lips) off of them.

It so happened that a first year dental student and his wife, Jessica and Adam Nelson had their baby boy, the day before we had our twins and our recovery rooms just happened to be next door. Pretty fun!
We appreciate all the love and prayers on our behalf. We felt and needed them all. Thank you!!! We are very grateful for these sweet little spirits and know we have a fun adventure ahead!

Delivery Details

For those of you who like these kind of is a brief run-down of delivery:
Lisa the night before delivery - 39 weeks
Lisa getting ready for excitement
We went to the hospital Wed. (1/28) morning around 10:30 for a scheduled induction. I was dilated to a 4 and 90% effaced. They placed my epidural (highly recommended with twins) started my IV, and monitored me for awhile. Then we decided to break my water around 12:30 instead of inducing with pitocin. They monitored my after for about an hour and I was still not having any contractions that were serious. I was then able to get out of bed and I decided to do a few laps around the halls to try and get things going. It was actually quite funny, I started off pretty slow, and then after 5 or 6 laps with nothing happening - I decided to pick up the pace. I had everyone in the halls laughing at me, counting my laps, timing me, etc. I made 18 laps before they told me I needed more monitoring. All the while, I still wasn't feeling my contractions.

I was monitored for another little while and then was able to get up and do more laps. By now, I was starting to feel a few, but nothing serious. I again began walking and this time it was much slower and I started to have to stop and breath through some of the contractions. Joseph and I decided that walking had done it's job and we returned to my room. I bounced on the exercise ball for a little while and then around 3:30 or so I decided to have my epidural activated. By the time my epidural was activated I was between an 8 and a 9 and they were ready to move me to the Operating Room for delivery. So, the epidural did not have time to activate.

Mom and Joseph getting ready for the OR
Once in the operating room things for me were a little intense. I really shouldn't complain because I pushed 4-5 times and our little Tate Joseph was born, and then 21 minutes later Talee Grace was born. But, of course it seemed a lot longer to me. After Tate was born, the docs did some external and internal manipulations to figure out what position Talee was in - they discovered that her hands were above her head and she was trying to dive out. Amazingly when they broke her water bag, she came down into position quick and her hands moved out of the way. She was posterior (her face was up instead of down), but luckily we were still able to deliver without having to c-section her. WOW!!! There were 17 people in the room for the delivery. Yes, 17!! From Joseph, mom and I to the docs, midwifes, nurses for everyone, anesthesia (in case of c-section), pediatricians, and of course a number of residents. They held a very big party for the occasion!!!!!
And, I am so grateful that it is done and they are here. MIRACLES!
I am tired and sore - and innumerable blessed!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Baby Update

NO BABIES YET!!!!!! I am very sorry to report that we do not have any babies yet!!! We have had a bit of an emotional week discovering that all health care professionals are not created equal. I had an appointment 2 weeks ago and the midwife told me the OB docs would allow inductions for twins after 38 weeks - so, she told me we would set something up for Monday (tomorrow.) Then, this last week I had an appointment with another midwife who did not share the same view and was very vocal and quite mean about it. Needless to say, I left my appointment in tears with a return appointment for Tuesday. I understand her concern for the babies staying inside as long as possible, but I feel she had no concern for me or my feelings, and was quite uncompassionate in her approach in expressing her opinions. She did call the next day and said "I spoke with the previous midwife, and the OB docs - and our policy is that we will not induce until after 39 weeks." It wasn't so much what the policy was, but I feel like she called just to prove that she was right and the previous midwife had misspoke. Blah, Blah,Blah... anyway, all is well. I am anxious for the babies to come on their own so I don't have to be induced - and we are trying to get them here ASAP!!! I am still doing good - very big, very sore, and very tired - but I can still move and that is good. My sweet sister-in-laws Sarah and Tarah (joseph's twin sisters) came this week to help out before the babies (and my mom came.) We were of course hoping that my mom would come on Thursday night and the babies would come Friday so they could at least see them before they had to leave to AZ Saturday - but alas! ***** this just in**** the Steelers just won the AFC Championship - we're going to the Super Bowl.**** Anyway, we will keep you updated... they will be here soon!

Two Working Toilets

Here is the update on our much worked on downstairs bathroom. Sarah and Tarah (Joseph's twin sisters) came to visit this week and painted it for us. We are really excited about it and the shower is just a few days/months away from use too!

Kiah Turns "5"

Our sweet little Kiah turned "5" the 6th of January. We were glad that the babies waited until after her birthday - so we could say we have 5 kids - "5" and under. CRAZY!!! She had a few friends over for a princess tea party and birthday celebration. Kiah is a huge help at home and we love her lots!