Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Dads the Greatest Dad!

Joseph loves brownies, and has indulged me and has been eating very healthy for the last several weeks (which hasn't included brownies). We thought it would be fun to give him a big plate of brownies as an appetizer to his spaghetti dinner (which he requested). As you can see, Talee and Tate loved the brownies too!!!The girls wanted to tell daddy all the things they loved about him on the way to church today. The list included:
1. He loves to share his food with me.
2. He's handsome.
3. He's working hard on the basement.
4. He picked a good job.
5. He chose a good wife. :-)
6. He has nice muscles.
7. He listens to Jesus.
8. He gives us special blessings.
9. He tell us good stories at night.
10. He's patient. ;-)
11. He dances funny.
12. I like his hair. ( he just buzzed it)
13. I like his hugs and kisses.
14. He's good at cleaning my teeth.
I wish I was writing them down in the car ... they were very creative and very sweet. The girls sure love their dad and are very lucky to have him! I am too!!

Malea's Preschool Graduation

I can't rave enough about the preschool program Malea participated in this year. The program was an autistic integration program, with a combination of autistic and normally developing children. It was a wonderful experience for Malea to get to help and learn from her friends. She became especially attached to one little boy, that the teachers would love to send with her to kindergarten because he responds so well to her guidance. The classroom was always full of some sort of new creative art project, which Malea loved (and was very apparent by her painted clothes every day she came home). When the teachers asked her what her favorite part of preschool was, she said "the shaving cream." She isn't hard to please! She will miss Mrs. Claudia, Mrs. Pam, Mrs. Julie, Mrs. Kathleen, Mrs. Melissa, and all the kids from her class.
Mrs. Pam, who will retire this year.
Mrs. Claudia, who will retire this year.

Last day of School ... Park Fun

Kiah successfully completed her first year of school. Her teacher Mrs. Sperduto sent her home a special note that said what a pleasure she was to have in class. The teacher could count on her to help those that needed a little extra help, and used her often to take things to the office. She was proud that all year she only got green dots! Then we enjoyed a fun afternoon at our favorite nearby park (except for the fact they haven't turned the water works on yet).

Little Fish

Eva just completed her first swim class. She is definitely a little fish, a little timid at a few things (like smiling for the camera), but LOVED her class and especially the special boat they brought out on her last day! This was the first class she has taken by herself while her sisters are in school. What a big girl. She sure is growing up!

Repeat After Me

Kiah is a great teacher. This morning (okay, well on Memorial Day morning), Kiah woke up and took the girls outside and said to them " repeat after me ... I pledge allegiance ...". It was so cute, totally unrehearsed and so patriotic. Later in the day we enjoyed a fun BBQ and games with our ward friends.