Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rappy Ruff-day Eva!!

My kids have this fascination lately with Scooby-Doo. So you can imagine what kind of cake Eva wanted for her 3rd birthday. I have to admit, the cake making is always a fun part of our kids birthdays. This time Joseph was feeling a little left out and decided that he wanted to make the cake. So, yes ... JOSEPH made Eva's cake. Which makes perfect sense since Eva LOVES her daddy!!! He even did it within the specifications from Eva and the girls (it had to have a collar, and it had to have chocolate sprinkles). I was very impressed! But, then again Joseph still impresses me! :-)
Eva really loves her friend Lainey and is going to really miss her when she moves!
Our babies sure loved it too!!! Talee even at the cake this time, which she didn't touch on her own birthday!

Haircut Daddy Style

I think the pictures speak for themselves!

Don't wake the Sleeping Beauty

Our little Eva must be going through a growth spurt. We have found her in this position twice in the last 2 weeks. She's kind of funny when it comes to sleep. She stopped taking naps when she was just over 2, and now if she gets even a little one (like the one below), she will be up until 10pm. Case in point ... the below picture was taken today, and it is currently 9:44pm and she is in the basement with Joseph. Crazy girl!

Pittsburgh Children's Festival

Last week we enjoyed the free Children's Festival in Pittsburgh. The kids loved the face painting, carousel ride, fire eating lady and the crafts.

It was too bad it had to end on this note ... we were hit by a sudden thunderstorm, that got us SOAKED before we could get to the car. The thunder was so loud and close it scared a few members of the family. But, we still had a great time.

More Family Pics

Thanks Cramers for taking our pictures!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Smothered With LOVE!

I love being a MOM! Today after church we went with some great friends and tried to take a few family pictures before they leave for the summer. The above picture (and the next few) express about how much the kids liked it! Besides it being freezing and windy, having whining kids, and having to walk a mile to get to the bridge - Joseph and I had a great time!! I think we might have gotten a good one - (maybe) more to come!
Our sweet Talee cried the whole time.

Then we went home and Joseph and the kids made me one of my all time favorite meals. French toast with strawberries and whipping cream. YUM!!!!! Then I was smothered with gifts. LOTS OF LOVE! I am so very blessed! I LOVE being a mom!
Don't you love the bellies (I promise my girls usually don't wear belly shirts! - but you gotta love the budda belly!)

I love you Daddy!

It always happens to be daddy! We love you -- A LOT!!! (poor Talee, and Joseph I guess!)

You know you're getting old when...

...your oldest daughter looses her first 2 teeth!

Tooth #1 bottom left middle (tooth O) came out on April 12th. It was really wiggly and daddy helped with the rest.

Before After

She wrote a cute little letter to the tooth fairy that asked what she did with the teeth. The tooth fairy brought her a special gold dollar coin and responded to her letter with an explanation about being an artist and using them to draw on. Kiah loved that because she is an artist too!!

Then tooth #2 came out 2 weeks or so later (with a little help from dad - which Kiah begged him to do for a week.)

Before After

Potty Problems

So, I have been participating in a very fun Card Group. I was getting ready for a card swap I had that night, and I got all my stamp pads out and left them on the bed ... can you see where this is going. I of course could only do this while my babies were taking there morning naps, so I wasn't too worried. But, of course - - the babies don't sleep all day! So by afternoon I had forgotten completely about the stamp pads. I didn't see Tate downstairs and I knew that Eva had gone upstairs to go the the bathroom. I called up to her several times to make sure the door was shut. I finally went upstairs and found the following:

1. Eva in her panties sitting on top of the sink.
2. Tate holding my favorite ink pad bobbing it in and out of an unflushed potty.
3. PINK PEE EVERYWHERE!!!! (including on the dress up clothes that were on the floor in front of the potty that Eva was previously wearing.)

Here is what Tate's hands looked like after that little incident.

But, that wasn't the end of the potty drama. It got better. So ... again later in the day sweet Eva again had to go potty. All of a sudden I hear her SCREAMING bloody murder from upstairs

"My panties, My panties ... I need my Panties!"
I run upstairs and find a hysterical Eva pointing down at a flushing toilet. She could hardly communicate, all she could say was "My panties, My panties I need my panties." I soon discovered that her panties had been flushed down the potty. Once she composed herself and calmed down (it took a good 30 minutes) I got the whole story.

She hadn't quite gotten to the toilet in time and got a little #2 on her panties. So, after she went to the bathroom she decided to try and wash them out in the potty. But her problem (as if that wasn't already a problem) was that she did it before the toilet had finished flushing. So, hence the lost panties.

I have to admit it was quite comical. But, poor girl was totally traumatized! Our sweet Eva, always something!

Stake Basketball Champs

Way to go 7th Ward -- Stake Basketball Champs!