Sunday, May 9, 2010

Potty Problems

So, I have been participating in a very fun Card Group. I was getting ready for a card swap I had that night, and I got all my stamp pads out and left them on the bed ... can you see where this is going. I of course could only do this while my babies were taking there morning naps, so I wasn't too worried. But, of course - - the babies don't sleep all day! So by afternoon I had forgotten completely about the stamp pads. I didn't see Tate downstairs and I knew that Eva had gone upstairs to go the the bathroom. I called up to her several times to make sure the door was shut. I finally went upstairs and found the following:

1. Eva in her panties sitting on top of the sink.
2. Tate holding my favorite ink pad bobbing it in and out of an unflushed potty.
3. PINK PEE EVERYWHERE!!!! (including on the dress up clothes that were on the floor in front of the potty that Eva was previously wearing.)

Here is what Tate's hands looked like after that little incident.

But, that wasn't the end of the potty drama. It got better. So ... again later in the day sweet Eva again had to go potty. All of a sudden I hear her SCREAMING bloody murder from upstairs

"My panties, My panties ... I need my Panties!"
I run upstairs and find a hysterical Eva pointing down at a flushing toilet. She could hardly communicate, all she could say was "My panties, My panties I need my panties." I soon discovered that her panties had been flushed down the potty. Once she composed herself and calmed down (it took a good 30 minutes) I got the whole story.

She hadn't quite gotten to the toilet in time and got a little #2 on her panties. So, after she went to the bathroom she decided to try and wash them out in the potty. But her problem (as if that wasn't already a problem) was that she did it before the toilet had finished flushing. So, hence the lost panties.

I have to admit it was quite comical. But, poor girl was totally traumatized! Our sweet Eva, always something!

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Michelle Perry said...

Oh man, you just have to laugh, and love being a mom!