Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Random Pics-Lisa multitasking, Joseph just Lookin Good!

I know RANDOM!

It's Springtime. Hail Yah!

Lisa does not think that the title is very funny or appropriate, but I do. If you had just been through a Pittsburgh winter then you would too.

Pre school Field Trip

A few mommy friends have been doing a little preschool swap once a week. We have 8 kids that participate and it has been a crazy fun year! This week we took the kids on a field trip. We went downtown to the Tiny Tots Symphony. In order to get there we thought it would be fun to park at a parking garage and take a short train ride. We all loved it!

Mr. T

"I Pitty the Foo!"

P.S. Joseph did this post so if the fact that he didn't delete the extra spaces between photo's drives you crazy, then I apologize.

Dr. Dad

Joseph had a chance to go to the girls school and do a few dental hygiene presentations. He taught all 3 kindergarten classes, and then had a chance to stop by Kiah's first grade class as well. It was Dr. Seuss week and today was "Wacky Wednesday" so you can see mismatching clothes (malea), crazy hair, and clothes on backwards. Joseph started by reading one of our favorite Dr. Seuss books, "The Tooth Book."
He dressed Malea and a friend up like teeth and taught the kids how to floss.
It was a fun day, and the girls LOVED having Dr. Dad come to their school.

Jungle Rats

Our little gymnast Eva has started taking a little gymnastics class once a week - and it is just PERFECT for her! She is fast, flexible, and daring. Her teacher Ms. Beth is energetic and kind and sings to the kids to get their attention when they are out of line.

At the end of the 12 week session, she invited the kids to bring their parents, siblings/friend inside with them to play. Tate and Talee LOVED it, and can not enter the gym again and sit patiently outside the glass watching Eva, without trying to get inside. Thank goodness the door is REAL heavy! Here are a few pics from that last class together!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cookie Monsters

The girls set up shop outside the student lounge of the Dental School this year to sell their Girl Scout cookies. Kiah and Malea sold over 3oo boxes of cookies in 2 days (including the pre-orders). The girls are really looking forward to their swimming party and other fun activities. Thanks for your support! (And yes, Malea's bangs that she "trimmed" back in December are finally starting to grow back - I know, beautiful!)
We took the whole family with us to sell. The babies stayed entertained with a Dora DVD. Thank goodness for modern technology.