Sunday, September 19, 2010

Kiah Loses 2 More Teeth!

After - Away they go!

Eva's First Day of Preschool

A few friends and I are doing a little one day a week preschool for our little three year olds. Eva feels like such a BIG GIRL!!! She is really growing up and we just LOVE her!

Oreo Bon Bons

I made some oreo bon bon's this weekend. As many of you know, once you start the process you can't stop. My fingers were filthy, so I couldn't exactly stop Tate from getting his all dirty either. So yes, I finished making the bon bons, washed my hands - and then took a picture. Why didn't I stop him you ask??? Because there was a ton of flour all over the place anyway - why not snap a quick picture first! By the way - they were DELICIOUS!!!

Talee's Pigtails

She is just darling - pigtails, fit throwing and all!

ASDA Picnic & Pie Eating Contest

For Joseph's Birthday this year we attended the annual fall ASDA Dental picnic. They had a fun carnival theme for the kids and Joseph was even voted by his class to participate in a pie eating contest. He lost by seconds - but, had a lot of fun with it! Unfortunately, I was his LOVELY assistant so we only have one picture (so if you are reading this and have some - please pass them along!!). You can see the youtube video below! Thanks Adam for the cinematography!

She's got legs... she knows how to use them

Got Love?

Post, by Joseph (best post ever)

Building blocks

Oh, I just LOVE them!!! They were just sitting here so cute playing blocks next to each other - I couldn't help but take their picture. I just LOVE them!

It's cotton candy I love to eat. It's so squishy and it's so sweet!

Lisa's Birthday at Northumberland County Fair.