Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter fun (and NEW DRESSES!)

We had a wonderful Easter Sunday! Kiah and Malea woke up and found most of the easter eggs that the Easter bunny hid, before the rest of the family was even awake. Good thing the baskets were hidden so well, or they would have found all of those too! Glad they waited so we could at least get a few random pics.
Talee loved the candy (and I am just LOVING her little hair that is starting to curl out)!
The Easter Bunny left some eggs that were full of some of the true symbols of Easter (red cloth, nails, soap, am empty egg, etc.) We had a beautiful devotional after the baskets were found and talked about the true significance of the day. How grateful we are that Jesus is truly RISEN!
The picture above is the best one of the entire clan. We were running on our way out the door to church so we didn't wait for Eva to finish eating her chocolate - as you can see below!
I really LOVED making their dresses this year. I modified a pattern that I found here for those interested!

I've been wondering ...

...why my girls keep waking up tired!

That sweet Eva can not sleep straight for the life of her! They normally don't all sleep together but they have had 3 days of spring break. Good thing they will only be grouchy for me tomorrow! :-)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Eva's in LOVE!

This was the conversation between Eva and her dad tonight:

Eva: "Dad, we must be in LOVE because we kissed on the lips ... when I get to be like mommy, I'M going to marry YOU!"

Dad: "But Eva, I'm already married to your momma. I do LOVE you, but someday you will meet a nice boy, who is a returned missionary, and he will take you to the temple and marry you ... and then you'll have your own family."

Eva: "But, dad ... you said a boy is going to marry me and take me to the temple and then I'll have MY OWN family."

Eva: "But, dad ... I already have a family and I want to marry you."

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunshine ... Finally!

Sorry it's been a few weeks since we've posted. Here's what we've been doing the past 6 weeks.

Thanks goodness we are having a little more sunshine these days.
We enjoyed a quick trip to the park.

(yes, that is graffiti - SORRY!)
And ... Tate made friends with a neighbor dog, and tried to act like him - a little too much for my liking.
And ... these little babies are so cute, and silly! They just love playing together ...
... and helping each other!
I LOVE the sunshine!

"NO, ME DO IT!!"

I heard the fridge close the other day and so I walked into the kitchen as Talee was crawling up on the little bench in our kitchen with the bread and some jam.

Mom: Talee can I make you a sandwich.
2 year old Talee: "No, I do it mom ... I do it!"
That's not the funny part - the funny part is that if she can get the lid off - she could and demands that she does, all by herself. Yes, that is my independent 2 year old.

General Conference Traditions

We LOVE General Conference weekend.
Not only do we get to listen to a living prophet ... but we also love to :
1. Make some type of yummy food. This year it was the "Bunny Buns" found in the April Friend. They were delicious orange rolls shaped into bunnies. The kids loved making them and they were just yummy!
2. Watch conference in a tent, like the people during the time of King Benjamin.
3. The kids love to work on some type of "conference packet" I find on-line. This year they loved making these colored stand up prophets and podium found here.
And, Joseph and I just love to enjoy listening to conference together ... and did I mention ignoring the babies while we listen. The pictures below is what happens when we do that.
The babies took a bag of melting chocolate and took it into the "hiding" corner behind the trampoline. Oh, and they love to color too ... but, they like to use the walls! NICE!
Poor Eva is the only one who didn't get to enjoy the weekend. She spent most of it on the couch with a fever. But, luckily the throwing up didn't start until Monday. At least, lucky for Joseph that is!

Happy Birthday Ladies!

I have LOVED having the privilege of having these "dental wives" in my life the last few years. It's gotten a little crazy to see each other on a regular basis, but we got together for a want-to-be Cafe Rio dinner with the excuse and an "all encompassing birthday party."
Thanks! Love you ladies!

Sleeping Disorder

The above picture is what happens when you have 3 girls with VERY different sleep needs, all sleeping in in the same room (2 of which sleep in the same bed). Poor Malea just wanted to sleep, and our youngest of the 3 girls ... didn't.