Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Eva's in LOVE!

This was the conversation between Eva and her dad tonight:

Eva: "Dad, we must be in LOVE because we kissed on the lips ... when I get to be like mommy, I'M going to marry YOU!"

Dad: "But Eva, I'm already married to your momma. I do LOVE you, but someday you will meet a nice boy, who is a returned missionary, and he will take you to the temple and marry you ... and then you'll have your own family."

Eva: "But, dad ... you said a boy is going to marry me and take me to the temple and then I'll have MY OWN family."

Eva: "But, dad ... I already have a family and I want to marry you."


Anonymous said...

That might just be one of the cutest conversations I have ever read in my life. :)

Love you, Lisa. I so wish that we lived closer so I could soak in the rays of sunshine you bring so naturally to the people around you!


Sarah Katherine Westover said...

Oh how precious. haha.

allyson said...

Very funny. Breanna told me the other day "it is funny that you are suppose to marry a boy and I don't even like boys. I guess I will have to marry dad."

Katie Morgan said...

How sweet and precious!