Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mr. Mustachio Bashio

Joseph has been growing his beard out for 6 weeks now. The longest amount of time he has ever gone. All this was for the annual charity Mustachio Bashio held at the Dental School. Money is collected by students and then the winner gets to choose where the proceeds go. This year Joseph decided to come up with a very unique upper lip accessory. He said the competition was pretty impressive, but out of the 35 contestants he took home the "Best Overall Moustache" award. I have hated all 6 weeks leading to this little game. However, in the end - it was pretty fun for him!


AFTER: (all cut himself)
Nice work honey. Now I finally get his lips back! YES!

One last Snow Day (hopefully!)

I just LOVE Snow Days - not because we get a lot of snow! But, because that means we don't have to go anywhere. We can just all stay home and the kids can just PLAY!!! It's amazing how much they need those days. The kids loved playing outside, and especially loved the whip cream on the top of their hot chocolate after.
Too bad the abominable snowman couldn't have the day off too! He got pretty wet!
Sorry honey!

Babies turn 2!

Our BABIES turn 2!
It's hard to believe that these sweet babies really aren't babies any more! It's gone by fast ... way too fast!
By the way, can you tell from the cake theme that Joseph has a little too much basketball on the brain!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Westover

Welcome to the family Rebekah!
This is a great picture! Together are 11 of the 12 Westover children! Amazing!
Of course, our kids are the ones screaming! NICE!
Yes, I made that tie! :-)

Fun in AZ

Here are 4 of Joseph's six sisters - yes, they are BEAUTIFUL!

...and these cute little cousins!

Photo Contest Winner

Yes, this is exactly what it looks like! Joseph getting his nose hairs waxed! Doesn't it just make you smile!

Kiah Turns "7"

One year older and wiser too ... Happy Birthday to YOU!!!
Kiah is lucky enough to have her birthday in January and this year, she got to spend her birthday surrounded with her Westover cousins in Arizona. She still LOVES Scooby Doo, and I think her DAD did a pretty good job with this cake! Kiah was very specific about wanting the Mystery Machine, with Scooby, and a Ghost following it -- I think Joseph can really deliver!

Then a Scooby pinata and a little mystery hunt to find her presents!
And, even a special appearance by Kiah -DOO!
Happy Birthday Kiah -- we Love you!

On to Arizona

After spending 10 days at my parents house in Utah, we drove our busy crew to Arizona to spend Kiah's seventh Birthday with Westover cousins, and prepare for Jacob's wedding. We spent our first night at Grandma and Grandpa Westover's house in Cottonwood. Notice the change in apparel from the previous posts!!!
The kids loved spending time here and loved to play in their LARGE, beautiful backyard! I think we captured some tender moments!
Like this one ... that I think I want to send to Hallmark!

And Daddy loved this picture, let me tell you (except the candy necklace of course!!)!

We even got to go to the local park and play with Aunt Laci and Uncle Jared!

Make New Friends, but keep the Old

Every third day while we were in Utah one of our kids got the stomach flu - it was really weird! But, we could count on it like clockwork! Because of this we didn't get to see as many friends as we had hoped or planned on! But, we were lucky enough to see a family that lived in the same duplex as we did when we were first married. There family has grown as big as ours, but they now have 4 boys and 1 girl! Kind of fun! We had a quick, crazy, fun visit!

A Special Family Night

We had a special Family Home Evening at my grandparents house before we left Utah and traveled to Arizona. It was fun to have cousins (1st and 2nd generation) together. But, it was especially great to be at grandma and grandpa's house enjoying their spirit and testimony.
This was the children's choir!
This is "Uncle Hercimer" - or at least that is who my grandpa introduces himself as!
Talee of course has to be up to something!!!

We even had a chance to sing Happy Birthday to our little Kiah (who would turn 7, the next day!).