Sunday, April 4, 2010

Stuck in a TIGHT Spot

So, our sweet little Talee is a bit of a crazy character. She climbs on everything - and is great on the stairs. But, she ate a little too much for Easter dinner and couldn't quite make it down. (She is sitting on the doll house stairs stuck in between the banisters.) CRAZY GIRL!

Happy Easter!

We have had a wonderful Easter weekend. WE enjoyed spending time at home this weekend and listening to and being enriched from General Conference. I also felt it was a bit of a different Easter for me, having just returned from the Holy Land. The Easter Story felt so VIVID!
We took a little time in between sessions to have a quick Easter Egg hunt with our great friends the Hulls...... and slipped out for a beautiful walk around the corner to a nearby park. YES - these pictures are as good as it gets for today. If only everyone could all look at the same time (and smile). But, that would just make mommy and daddy WAY TO HAPPY - so, tough luck!