Sunday, December 28, 2008

Belly Near Popping - 34 1/2 weeks

I have another ultrasound on Friday, so we will see how big they are. I am sure they are at least 5 lbs. each. Let me tell you - it is getting darn tight in there.

Christmas at the Westovers

We had a wonderful Christmas. The kids were excited and they even sleep in until 8:00am. That never happens - it by far my favorite present of all!!! Here were a few highlights.

Smiling Kids and Husband

Kiah and Malea each got easels from Santa. The girls are very talented "artists" and the easels will definitely get a lot of use.

Kiah's favorite gift was by far, the ballerina music box that her daddy gave her.

Malea is our puzzle girl and loved this giant Barbie puzzle. But, I have to say I think the biggest highlight for her, was the Hubba Bubba Bubble gum. She spent more time with that bubble gum package on Christmas than anything else. I am happy to say, it is all gone!!!

And, hands down - the highlight for Eva, was the candy. She went from her stocking, to Kiah's stocking, to Malea's stocking and on and on!!!

Later that afternoon we had two families from our ward over for Christmas dinner. Rod and Stephanie Griffeth are here doing an Oral Surgery Residency program, and Billy and Kristy Hull are in their 3rd year of Dental School. We had yummy food, played a fast and furious game of "Pit" - which I won, I have to say. It was a fun time!

Trip to the PPG Ice Rink

Pittsburgh has a lot of fun things to do, especially during the holidays. We took our kids last week to the PPG (Pittsburgh Plate Glass) Ice Rink in downtown Pittsburgh. The Ice Rink is outdoor and is encircled by beautiful glass buildings. The rink itself has a huge Christmas tree in the middle, and the lights and glass made everything sparkle. It was quite beautiful and I was envious that Joseph and I weren't there on a date, not that I could have skated anyway. Kiah and Malea ice skated with their daddy. Malea was a little young and was done after 5 or 6 times around. But, Kiah loved it and asked if we could go again the next night (but, it wasn't exactly free - so this will have to be a once a year activity). She thought she was hot stuff and doing so great at "learning how to skate." Joseph didn't burst her bubble and tell her she wasn't doing a thing - he was holding and pushing her around the entire time. After the kids skated we walked next door to the Winter Garden and enjoyed a display of gingerbread houses, and Santa's from all over the world. We will definitely make this a tradition and do it again next year. Anyone is free to join us!!!

Ice Skating

Gingerbread House & International Santa Display

Christmas "Love" Labor

So, Joseph has been spending several hours a day working on our basement. He has hopes of having the bathroom finished before school starts again on the 5th. Then as time goes on, he will work on finishing the back bedroom/playroom, laundry area, etc. He has been working hard and I am very excited to have another bathroom. Tomorrow he is going to sheet rock, etc. I didn't realize how many steps go into a project like this. I sure love and appreciate all the hours he has been working. This will be his last major break for a long time. Here are some pics of the progress.
Digging the trenches for the underground plumbing
The walls for the bathroom go up
The tub goes in, electrical and finished plumbing completed (don't worry we will not be using the toilet in the tub - you can still come visit!!!)
The door is hung :-)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tag of Twos

I'm not very good at these tags. But they are so fun to read... here it goes:

Two names you go by: 1."MoMMMMEEE" 2. Joseph's wife

Two things you are wearing right now: 1. warm slippers 2. an unstrapped bra (under my shirt)

Two things you want right now: 1. a bra that fit 2. to sleep on my tummy

Two things you did last night: 1. made a baby bracelet 2. watch Joseph put the walls for our basement bathroom up

Two things you ate today: 1. oreo bon bon 2. chicken lasagna

Two favorite drinks: 1. ice cold water 2. raspberry lemonade

Two people I tag: 1. sarah 2. tarah

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pittsburgh Baby Shower

Some wonderful friends in my ward threw me a shower this weekend. It was so nice and I was very grateful for their thoughtfulness.

Eva at 18 months

So our sweet little Eva - is really becoming a lot of work. Within the last week or so she has figured out how to get out of her bed, and how to open the fridge. What 18 month old can do that? Anyway, we took a hilarious video of her figuring out the fridge thing. Enjoy. By the way, any advice on keeping her in bed, or out of the fridge - we would love it!

Dancing Queens

The girls have been taking a ballet/tap/tumbling combo class since September. It is always the highlight of their week. It was especially fun this week because daddy got to go watch, and they did a little Christmas ballet and tap routine for us. Very cute!

Christmas Ballet Routine
Christmas Tap Routine

Eva kicking back during the girls class

Monday, December 8, 2008

Wish you were here!

I really do wish you were here today. So, I usually make a big Walmart grocery trip about once a month. It's not super close, but I can't bear to pay the prices of the local grocery store because I know I can get it so much cheaper at Walmart. Anyway, so today I left with the girls early (so we wouldn't have to worry about it being too busy) and trekked to Walmart. As you are all aware, I have 3 girls (one too many to fit in the already extended cart) and I have a very huge tummy - that draws lots of attention. Well, I shouldn't say that just my tummy draws attention, but the whole circus altogether draws a lot of attention. So, anyway... we were checking out - and of course we had a full cart - so I needed to go get another cart so we could put the bagged groceries into it while I was still taking groceries out of the other one (this is very common for many of you - and isn't the first time for me either - but it gets better). We filled up 2 carts with groceries and kids. I asked for help out to my car - but of course became impatient waiting for anyone and decided to do it myself. So here I am - this huge pregnant lady, with 3 kids in the extended children seat at the back of the cart - pushing one cart and pulling another. Did I mention that I had so many groceries that I even had them underneath. Well, that's important because I get close to the door and I lost something from the bottom but didn't realize it because it was from the back cart. So I thanked the nice person who picked it up for me - but didn't offer to help me out to the car - and kept going. Then I get to the second door and lose something else. Then as I turn to pick that up, Eva jumps out of the cart and dashes across the street. Thank goodness everyone was so enthralled with this huge women and her convoy that they noticed Eva getting out and didn't hit her. So you think that's enough - no, I start across the street (and by the way I now caused a traffic jam in the store of people trying to get out the doors) and then I lose 3 gallons of milk all over the street. The bell ringer stopped and came and helped me pick them up (nice man!). I did make it the rest of the way to my car, and after 20 minutes of packing the car, and 1 hour putting groceries away - I was finally done. But, I have to say I did start contracting and thought I might possible have the twins today - but alas... I still probably have one more Walmart trip in me. But next time I wish you were here!!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Baby Update

We has another ultrasound on Wednesday and got some great news on the babies. They are doing great and are both measuring 4 lbs. 0 oz., which is above average in size for 31 weeks. So, I am grateful they are healthy, but hope that they don't continue to pack it on too fast. I still have a ways to go!!!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

29 Week Belly

Ok, so this picture was really taken 2 weeks ago (around 29 weeks.) So I have changed a lot since then. But, since I blog so often - I figured I better post that one for now! I have another ultrasound on Wednesday and will update on the sizes of the babies!

"The Incline"

Pittsburgh is a beautiful city. Situated between 3 rivers, Pittsburgh is full of bridges, and tunnels and beautiful sites. This weekend we took the kids to the "Duquesne Incline." The Incline is a rail car that was built in 1877 as a way to provide safe, reliable, rapid public transportation, via funicular railway to the residents and businesses of the Duquesne Heights and Mount Washington sections of the City of Pittsburgh. Utilizing two original, 1877 cable cars, the Duquesne Incline is a working museum. The top of "the Incline" overlooks the beautiful Golden Triangle of Downtown Pittsburgh, and surrounding area including the upper Ohio River valley and lower Allegheny River Valley, it was ranked the second most beautiful view in America by USA Weekend Magazine. Come visit and we will take you!!!!!

I Could Just Eat them UP!!!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with several of the first year Dental Students and their spouses. I, of course was too full to get up and get my camera before everyone scattered - but Joseph got this picture of the girls. They were playing hide the volleyball with their new friend Devin and sat snuggling and giggling together on the stage. They are so cute, I could just eat them up.

"Popcorn, Popcorn"

It has been so great to have Joseph home all week. We had a much anticipated movie night and watched "Ariel, the Beginning." Of course, that was Joseph's choice. We had a fun time eating popcorn and snuggling in a million blankets on the floor. Malea and Eva showed us how to shake it, while booging to Sebastians under sea band. But, why is it that every time you do something fun and keep the kids up a little later than bedtime - it's always tears during bedtime. Oh, well. we still had a great time.

Back to Kentucky

Well, you all know how temperamental pregnant ladies are. And although I feel pretty even tempered, I too have major break-downs. Joseph came home from school one evening to find one such Lisa. I was sitting on the couch in tears, still not able to talk. After he determined that I wasn't in pain, he waited patiently (what a good husband) until I could tell him what was wrong. When I told him I was on-line the last few hours looking at "blogs" - he sat back in relief. I know silly - but I missed my friends. He decided that I needed to "fill my tank" with hugs before the babies came. So, he sent me back to Kentucky. I took the girls and we traveled 6 1/2 hours from Wed. late until Sunday late. We stayed with the Marcum family who was so gracious to let us crash and destroy their house. A baby shower was planned (SOOOOO NICE.) Thanks Amber, Angela, Donnia, and all others who helped and came. It was such a fun evening, and so GREAT to see old friends and catch up on the last few months. I am so grateful to have lived in Lexington and count those friends as some of my fondest. Thank you for your love. It was a fun trip and I even got to sneak away from the kids to go see "Twilight." Thanks guys, I love you!

Watch Out World - Here Comes Eva

So, I guess the other morning I was not fast enough to do Eva's hair. She doesn't have much - but we usually spike the middle up a little. Since I was taking too long, she decided to get it done herself.

Then, a few days later I left my makeup bag on our bathroom counter (you would think after 3 girls I would learn). Here was the result:

Needless, to say - the eye shadow was completely obliterated. But, wow - she was sure proud of her new look.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Week 26 - 27

It's crazy to think that I still have so long to go in this pregnancy! But, I guess in reality - 37 weeks being full-term for twins - really isn't that far away. I have been feeling great - my veins, have given me a bit of a break from pain, and I am only now starting to feel my ribs getting pushed. We had a doctors appointment and ultrasound last Wednesday, and the ultrasound said the baby boy is weighing close to 1 lb. 11 oz. and the baby girl 1 lb. 9 oz. For being this far along, I thought that was tiny. And, they are in the 34% and the 26% as far as averages for 26 weeks. So they are smaller than average, but they say they are measuring fine for twins. It's always fun to see them in ultrasound - Just a miracle!

Oh, yes - and I did cut 8 inches off my hair this week. I will send better pics later.

Pittsburgh Zoo

It took us awhile, but we finally made it to one of Pittsburgh's many attractions. THE ZOO! Of course the kids love it, and one of the best parts was the 2 babies elephants that were born within the past 6 months or so. They are so tiny, and so cute!!! We also just happened to go on a "zooboo" day, so they were handing out candy for the kids. The kids couldn't have been happier!

Pie Party

Pie Anyone?
We had a really fun pie night over at our house a week or so ago. It's kind of strange, but of the 16 or so first year LDS dental students, non of them ended up in our ward. So, in order to get to know them better - we decided "who doesn't like pie?" We had a great turn-out. About 25 adults plus kids - and lots of PIE!!!! We had a great time!

Group photo - (minus Joseph and assorted kids)
The "wives"