Thursday, September 27, 2012

Malea's Turns "7"

Joseph with Malea's traditional breakfast in bed.  Malea is an early bird, so we had to send her BACK to bed, for her birthday breakfast. 

Malea is spunky, and full of enthusiasm!  She loves clothes, doing her hair, and "Chatting" with her friends.  Thank goodness she isn't handing out our cell phone numbers to her friends.  She loves go to the library and read.  She is a big helper and works quickly (when she isn't distracted!)

 This school (we couldn't do that in Pittsburgh) let's us bring a store bought snack in for the kids birthdays.  Malea chose to bring in little ice cream cups. 

Her birthday also fell on the night of soccer practice.  Perfect!!!  We brought some cupcakes and she got to celebrate with all her team mates!

I don't know what Eva is telling her in this picture.  But it's hilarious!

Her sister gave her a  purse and wallet, and they just happen to match some of her pajamas.  Funny, wonderful Malea!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Joseph's Crazy Birthday Adventure

For Joseph's Birthday he took us on a WILD, HIGH Adventure hike, that we will never forget! When we started our hike we "thought" we were taking the easier path!
But once we were well on our way - we discovered we were sorely mistaken, and had actually taken no such path at all, and were actually moving our little family down a huge, steep rock slide.  Yes, that's right not a path at all!  But, we could not turn back -- we just laughed and scraped our legs and knees and said a lot of prayers that nobody would break anything and we would make it down safely!  You should have seen Joseph maneuvering with no hands to brace himself because he had both babies in his arms! :)  A great memory!

We did eventually make it down safely!  Thank heavens (literally!).  We even found the supposed "easier" trail on the way back up!

Definitely a great birthday memory! 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lisa's Birthday

Morning MOM -- Lots of LOVE!

Sunday, September 2, 2012


What a joy to have Nana, Papa, and Jordan come for the Labor Day weekend!
We loved taking them to White Sands! 

This is my FAVORITE picture EVER of mom and dad!  So natural and real!  

Yes, Papa and Tate had patching shorts!

 Dog Pile!
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