Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hair Cuts by Joseph

Joseph played "Daddy Beautician" while I was out of town visiting my family in AZ, and Utah. I have to say I couldn't talk to him for half a day, but now I'm glad I can look back at this and the kids can chock it up for MEMORY sake. He claims "THEY MADE ME DO IT!" At least they took LOTS of pictures!

(pictures care of Miss Malea Photography)
12 inches later


This specific picture is worth a thousand words. This is when Joseph is talking to his sweet wife on the phone, who is across the country - and tells her that he just cut 12 inches off of his eldest child's hair. I think I was silent for over a minute. Then all I could bear to say, was "please cut Malea's a little longer so that there is more room to fix it!" But, I have to say - the girls LOVED them, and they didn't turn out all that bad!

10 inches later
Malea: AFTER

Sweet Eva just watched the whole thing in AWE! She is 4 now and we have NEVER cut her hair. It just this year, decided to reach past her shoulders. But, we just LOVE it!
These are the girls hair cuts now - after the appointment that I had previously made before leaving on my trip. :) (except for Eva of course, Joseph would NEVER touch her hair!)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Just another day at the ZOO

This Tiger took a liking to our little Talee.

Sweet Mary

Whew! Still smiling... (mostly)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Happy Independence Day!

It seems the weather was jealous of our little fireworks show.
But when life sends rivers of water down the street...we run around and swim in it.

Kiah took most of these pictures. Way to go Kiah.