Sunday, February 27, 2011

Babies turn 2!

Our BABIES turn 2!
It's hard to believe that these sweet babies really aren't babies any more! It's gone by fast ... way too fast!
By the way, can you tell from the cake theme that Joseph has a little too much basketball on the brain!


Kate Carney said...

Talee looks so much like Eva at the same age. I t doesn't seem possible that they can be 2 already.

Adam and Jess said...

They are starting to look so big and different. Talee looks like you and Tate looks more like Joseph now. I was impressed with Joseph's beard and saw him the day of, since I had my teeth cleaned. He deserved the award. I hope you all are doing well and that I see you soon.

Julia said...

STOP IT! I missed their birthday AGAIN!!!! I clearly didn't repent suffiently. We LOVE you Tate and Tally!