Sunday, April 10, 2011

General Conference Traditions

We LOVE General Conference weekend.
Not only do we get to listen to a living prophet ... but we also love to :
1. Make some type of yummy food. This year it was the "Bunny Buns" found in the April Friend. They were delicious orange rolls shaped into bunnies. The kids loved making them and they were just yummy!
2. Watch conference in a tent, like the people during the time of King Benjamin.
3. The kids love to work on some type of "conference packet" I find on-line. This year they loved making these colored stand up prophets and podium found here.
And, Joseph and I just love to enjoy listening to conference together ... and did I mention ignoring the babies while we listen. The pictures below is what happens when we do that.
The babies took a bag of melting chocolate and took it into the "hiding" corner behind the trampoline. Oh, and they love to color too ... but, they like to use the walls! NICE!
Poor Eva is the only one who didn't get to enjoy the weekend. She spent most of it on the couch with a fever. But, luckily the throwing up didn't start until Monday. At least, lucky for Joseph that is!

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