Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Christmas in Arizona

So, many of you know that we spent Christmas this year in Arizona with Joseph's family. We had a fun time getting together with 11 of the 12 siblings (except the stomach flu that hit - which we were lucky enough to avoid). Here are a few memorable pictures from our trip and our family reunion.

Our first stop off the airplane was at Joseph's sister Julia's house. It was her son Kaden's birthday and to celebrate we went and saw the lights on the Mesa Temple Grounds. By the time we got there all the kids were asleep in the car except Kiah. Lucky Her!!!

Then on to Nana and Papa Westover's house in Cottonwood, this is where everyone came for the reunion. We even had a special visitor while we were there.

We of course had to take family pictures. (we don't have a copy of the whole family yet - maybe soon.) Too bad the light was killing everyone's eyes - especially dad and malea!

Tarah, Rebekah, and Sarah

And, of course a lot of other random fun!!!

(she is going to be our gymnast)

Then, everyone left and we celebrated Christmas with nana and papa and only 7 of the aunts and uncles :-)

Sarah and Tarah are Joseph's darling twin sisters. Sarah (left) made this sweatshirt for Tarah for Christmas using a bleach pen. It turned out DARLING!!!


Lora said...

So Fun! We were in Phoenix for Christmas. Sorry we missed you! I still want to meet your cute babies!

classy covet said...
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tiffany and darren said...

you got some great pictures! i love the one at the top of your blog, i don't know if that was over christmas, but i just love it. i really captures everyone's personality. it looks like you had a fun christmas!

Adam and Jess said...

It's great to catch up on the fun you had in Az. Now I can say it's been a couple of years since I've had a Christmas without snow, when before it was "I've never had a white Christmas". The pictures are cute, even with the sun in your eyes. I can't wait to see the post about Israel.