Monday, June 27, 2011


Future Rancher for Hire...
... Discovered at the Pittsburgh Children's Festival.
Qualifications include:

... and last but not least - "Wrestling."
(But he's VERY expensive!)

We LOVE the Pittsburgh Children's Festival. The city puts it on every year with FREE crafts, face painting, concerts, petting zoo, etc. It is a HUGE event too, they don't hold back on the fun! Although Tate stole the show most of the time at the Petting Zoo, the other kids had a BLAST too! They however, were a little more timid at first.
Look at these awesome face paintings!!!
But that Rancher -- he didn't want anything to do with that stuff! Where's the HORSES???
We LOVE this city!

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Sarah Katherine Westover said...

hahaha! oh my goodness that is so great.