Monday, June 27, 2011

Eva Turns "4" (and visit from cousins)

Our sweet busy Eva turned "4" on May 23rd. She got to spend the weekend before her birthday with her Winder cousins who came to visit from Michigan.
Their cousins got to come pick up Kiah and Malea from school. What a treat!
Okay, so let's be honest. Tricia and I spent 85% of our "free" time behind our sewing machines or painting and glazing a (soon to be revealed) furniture project . While sewing we made a special gift for our sister's new baby, Tricia finished 2 ties, and she also made a dress for Sydney. I was working on sewing together a few things for my new chair! We stayed up REALLY late for the 3 nights she was here - and LOVED every minute of it!
Don't worry ... I think the kids had fun too!
These cute little boys are only 6 months and 15 lbs apart! SO CUTE!

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