Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Goodbye Lexington, Hello Pittsburgh

Saying goodbye to Lexington was one of the hardest things I've had to do. We are so excited to be in dental school, but of course sad to not be able to stay in Kentucky. We bought a beautiful house and are adjusting to the one way streets, small primary, and new way of life. We have enjoyed ourselves here so far - but want everyone in Lexington to know that we love you, and appreciate you letting us in your life for such a short time. We know that this is where we are supposed to be, and can't tell you how grateful we are to the Lord for our acceptance here to Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine. We are starting this blog to keep in touch - I can't promise I will write often, or spell things correctly, or even be entertaining. But, nonetheless - we have started and want to stay in touch!!!


Kendyl said...

Lisa, Figures you're 1/2 through a pregnancy with TWINS and you don't even look a day pregnant! Brat!!!

kat said...

Yeah!!! so you took a bit of lexington "luck" with you!!! J/K So happy for the news and i love your blog!! Congrats for the official start, and did you say 80 students in Joseph's first year class???!!!

Stephanie said...

I love your blog! Did you know we just moved from "the burgh n'nat." Have you learned your yins and n'nat yet? Also, Steeler season is crazy!!! What ward are you in? We will be visiting later this Fall to go see friends and old co-workers and so we'll definately plan to see you aswell--how exciting!! Here is our blog address:

Amber said...

I'm so glad that Joseph is starting dental school. How exciting. I loved the pictures of Kiah and Malea before Kiah went to preschool. Too cute. We miss you guys!

Cheryl said...


I have missed you!!! You were my one regret this summer- to not have been able to say goodbye before I left for Utah and you headed east to Pittsburgh. I mean how could I drop the ball like that when you had endless goodies and treats everytime you came over? Man, you spoiled us!!

I was just telling Rich this week that I hoped you had a blog so we could stay in touch. And then I got your wonderful email today and logged on immediately. (You should have gotten an email with an invite to mine. Sorry I didn't get one to you sooner!)

And OH MY GOODNESS then I spotted the jaw dropper- TWINS!! What a shocker, for you and me. It only seems appropriate since 1/2 the Tates Creek Wards seem to have a set. It's like a parting gift right?

If anyone can handle twins it will be you. Though you'll be VERY busy, (You'll top us having 5 kids 5 and under.) but after the first bit of no-sleep, you'll breeze right through. My only advice- get some help at first. It's the only way I got through the beginning.

CONGRATULATIONS from all of us Jacksons. We couldn't be happier for you.

And to think you already are past 20 weeks and having a boy and girl. Wow. That little bit of blue is going to be a bit spoiled- by all his sisters!

It was also so great to see your place, Joseph's white coat ceremony and that the Marcums dropped by to say hello. There's nothing better than good friends.

We love and miss you and are so glad you are healthy, happy and that we can still stay in touch!


Kristen said...

YAY for blogs!! The picture of your family is gorgeous, and it looks like you guys are getting settled right in and starting life anew. Awesome. Good luck in school Joseph, and keep in touch. Actually I think I'm going to call you and quiz you down about your shocking news. Love it!!

Marissa said...

I can't wait to hear what names you choose for your little twins! Always the cutest.

holly said...


WHAT?? You're prego with TWINS?? I'm in SHOCK! Does twins run in the family?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sending your blog address. TWINS??? Wow, something is in the water! Congrats. It is so fun looking at all your pictures. I love to keep in touch this way. My blog is
Take care, I'll be checking in often!

Eric and Jenny said...

I havn't seen you guys blog until just now. The Bloods had Eric over the other day and said you had one going and that you were having TWINS. Holy cow I am seriously in shock, (as I am sure you were). I can't think of more fitting parents to take on two at the same time, you are an amazing mother and I have always admired you. Congratulations and I am so glad all is going well for you!

Karen aka Zookeeper said...

BoBisa...your family just gets more and more adorable! Congrats on EVERYTHING! What fun & adventure (is coming your way)!