Sunday, September 28, 2008

Malea's Favorite Things at "3"

  1. a white horse named Jimmy
  2. dancing
  3. swimming
  4. her "white" dolly
  5. fruit snacks
  6. going to the park
  7. letting Kiah do her chores
  8. wearing her swimming suit around the house
  9. dress-up
  10. coloring
  11. pretending she is someone else (usually the last person to visit the house)
  12. doing anything Kiah does
  13. putting her panties on backwards (I don't know that she loves this - but she sure does it a lot)
Malea we LOVE you!


Joy said...

It sounds like Malea had a blast on her 3rd birthday. What a fun mom! How do you have the energy?

sararndt said...

What a cutie! She looked a lot like Kiah in some of those pictures! Happy Birthday Malea!

Jaimee said...

Sure love and miss you Malea! You're a sweetheart!