Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Joshua's Surprise Visit

Joshua (Joseph's younger brother) called me a week or so ago and told me he was going to be on the east coast for business and wanted to surprise Joseph and come for the weekend. It was definitely a surprise - I left for a friends birthday lunch on Saturday morning, and came back with Joshua. Joseph was definitely surprised and SOOOO happy to see him. While he was here he visited a few of our favorite "pittsburgh" restaurants - Pamela's Diner (delicious breakfast) and Five Guys (for hamburgers and fries). Joshua also helped clean out some of the basement, enjoyed a Bon Fire with dental friends at the Gneiting's Home, went with us to church, and was able to meet Joseph for lunch on Monday and check out the dental school. We had a great weekend and are so glad the Joshua took the weekend to spend with us. Thanks again Josh!

Cathedral of Learning

Eva of course took out her pigtails


tiffany and darren said...

So fun!! I loved the video, what a good sport :)

Julia said...

What fun. Uncle Joshua, you're a great sport.