Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Little Love

Our sweet little Kiah loves her babies. She is such a big helper. Tate wanted to show his mutual admiration for Kiah by giving her tender kisses. It didn't turn out quite so tender - look closely at the last two pictures and you will see what I mean!!!!


Kendyl said...

A hickey from your funny! Too cute though!

Marissa said...

oh my. That is so stinkin' funny!! Love your kids, and man do I admire you. When I start crying because how hard it is with 2 under 2, I am going to remind myself about your 5 under 5 and just how much of an awesome mom you are. (referring to your above post) I still wish I was there to help out though!

Katie Morgan said...

How cute is that!!! He's going to be one "mothered" brother!