Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"Eva, Where is that Bag I gave You?"

So ... I went to the Tanger Outlets yesterday with a friend. The Children's Place was having this incredible sale. I didn't spend more than $2.99 for anything (plus 15% off). When we were done shopping, we had 4 kids, 2 strollers, and 4 BIG shopping bags. Needless to say, there wasn't a lot of room for much. We fit things here and there between the 2 of us, and I still had one bag left ... so, I handed my sweet 2 year old the lightest bag and said, "Eva, can you hold this for mommy for a minute." She did for a minute.

We go on our way to a bunch of other stores, and then loaded up the car and came home (40 minute drive). We get home unload all the kids, coats, snacks, drinks, trash, my purse, and of course the 2 big shopping bags. BUT WAIT - I had THREE!!!!

SO, I frantically search the car - NO BAG. Then I call my friend - NO BAG. Then I call The Children's Place - NO BAG. Then I call every other store that we stepped into, and the main office - NO BAG! I was so sad. Then my friend remembered seeing Eva holding one. SO the conversation with Eva went something like this:

Mommy: "Do you remember the bag I gave you to hold in the store."

Eva: "YES."

Mommy: "Where did it go?"

Eva: "Under the pants."

Mommy: "What pants?"

Eva: "I put it under the pants."

So, I called the store and told them my 2 year old told me she hid the missing bag under "the pants" in the store. After a few minutes of searching every T-stand and rounder, the manager comes back laughing. "She was right, the bag was hiding under 'the pants'."

At least they found it - but, I wasn't very excited to have to drive back there today to pick it up. Serves me right for buying so much stuff, and giving one of the bags to my 2 year old!!!


Anonymous said...

What a pain in the neck...but it makes for a cute store!!

Nicole Johansen said...

That's hilarious Lisa! I'm glad you got your bag of goodies back!! Kimi and I caught some of that sale last week - it was amazing! Is that normal there? K, I might just become a regular!

Tricia said...

"Duh Mom! Under the pants!"

I laughed so hard I almost cried! I want to kids her cute firey little face!

.... soon:)

Anonymous said...

I work at the childrens Place-I think I pay them to work there actually...I spend most of my paycheck back on clothes!

Nicole said...

Those ties are adorable and all of the double trouble is so adorable.

Eric and Jenny said...

At least she could tell you that much I am sure I would have just gotten a blank stare from my boys! Funny story, but I am sorry you had to drive all the way back to get it, waste of time!

Kristen said...

That is so funny. My two-year-old would have said, "I dunno!" and run off to play, and it would have been lost forever. One of those things that is tear-your-hair-out at the moment and hilarious in a couple of years... Those ties are adorable, how do you do that stuff?!?! And those double trouble pictures are classic!! We miss you guys, wish we could play together again!

Katie Morgan said...

OH MY GOODNESS! I'm am so BLOWN away by the things these (almost) 3 year olds say!!

Adam and Jess said...

So I missed their big sale it sounds like;( I went there today and it was just some "normal" stuff that was on sale and nothing crazy. I need to go shopping more often.. not to buy stuff but so that I can get stuff on sale. I was always catching the sales in AZ and here it hasn't been bad because when H&M has sales, they are similar to these. Anyways, I had a good chuckle, but it probably wasn't so fun for you who had to drive that far. IT's sad I haven't even been to those outlet malls yet. I'd better find them.

Tarah Westovers Blogspot said...

hahahahaa....that laugh was needed. so FUNNY! Eva is so hilarious!