Sunday, February 7, 2010

Our Wonderful Winter Wonderland

Pittsburgh (as well as the rest of the East Coast) got a great storm over the weekend. We got about 2 feet of snow. They said it was the biggest storm in 100 years. It started on Friday night about 1pm or so and snowed for 24 hours straight. It was perfect timing, Saturday we just spent the day inside and loved it!!! We took the kids out in the snow for a short time. Honestly, they were pretty wimpy and being in the snow didn't last very long. But, it's been a great relaxing break from the busyness of life.
This is the beautiful view from our front door
This is the view looking out our front window
Passing the Time(we tried blueberry and strawberry this time along with our cinnamon rolls - YUMMY!!!)

Malea has this thing with hanging around the house. Anything she can find to hang from; the table, chairs, even the side of the couch. It is hilarious. Maybe I should start doing it, she has some killer abs!


Tiffany said...

cute pictures. I guess you can say that your kids are not as wimpy as we are - we didn''t go out at all. It's kind of fun being stuck isn't it?

Eric and Jenny said...

I love snow pictures, they look so bright and happy. My kids are always wimpy out in the snow too, but then so I am so I am usually all for going inside too. Is one of your girls wearing a skirt while playing in the snow, pricelss I love it!

Amber said...

That looks gorgeous! So fun! On another note...I was just thinking today that I wanted to make some cinnamon rolls. Then I remembered the time you brought some over to our house and how delicious they were. That picture is making my mouth water! You make the BEST cinnamon rolls!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is some serious snow!! So beautiful from the warmth of your home!

Katie Morgan said...

How FUN!! (But I still don't miss it!!) I read your post about craig's blanket and I still have the blanket that you gave me to finish...except I've never finished it! oops!! I'm gonna finish it one of these days and send it to you. :)

Magnificent Myers said...

How beautiful! My kids are jealous that you get so much snow. We just wish we could play in it with you.
Hugs and kisses!