Friday, August 20, 2010

Visit from Michigan Cousins

We had a quick visit from Tricia and her kids from Michigan for the weekend. It was a BUSY weekend, with no husbands (Joseph went to UT for the weekend to see his grandparents and family), lots of playing, and lot of kids! The kids spent some quality time playing (like the tea party above), and we spent some quality time crafting!
This concoction was the delicious sandwich they made for their little party. It was filled with gold fish, cherries, apple wedges, grated cheese, and more. Here are the ties we made for our boys. Yes, these little guys are only 6 months apart! Tate is lucky to have a body guard for a cousin! Right now they are already 15 pounds apart! Come again soon!

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sararndt said...

I miss you my sisters! I'm glad you get to have some fun together! I am loving the ties, by the way!