Sunday, October 3, 2010

This is NO laughing matter!

Malea got a "Fashonista Ken" barbie doll for her birthday. The kids have LOVED playing with him and haven't stopped since they got him in the mail. However, this evening after conference Joseph decided that the long hair was just not sending the right message to our girls. So, he decided to cut it! "Lisa, this is not laughing matter, this is serious!" He, of course, did it while the kids were asleep. It will be interesting to see what Malea says when she wakes up in the morning and sees him! All I could say was, WOW!

Joseph's Rebuttal: WOW, I care enough about my little girls and my son that I don't want them thinking that a man is supposed have long hair, girl jeans a flower shirt and a K-Fed hat. No offense to those long haired, stretch jean, K-Fed hat wearing lady-men out there but... He looks a lot better with a hair cut. Now if I could just find him a business suit. Sorry for being such a party pooper pain in the patootie. Not to mention hard to please, stubborn, smelly, impatient, argumentative, and unrealistic. I just love my kids.


Liz said...

Oh my goodness. This made me laugh! Way to be Joseph. Way. To. Be!

Michelle Perry said...

I love reading your blog Lisa, glad you do such a good job keeping up with it. :)