Sunday, October 2, 2011

October Camping Trip

We had a blast Friday night camping with the Grants at Beaver Creek. We were supposed to go last weekend, but there were Thunderstorms, so we postponed to this weekend, because it was "supposed to be" sunny. But, the weather forecasted 70% chance of rain. We promised the girls we would go before winter and this would absolutely be the last weekend possible. So, we started driving the hour drive in the pouring rain. Our little Malea said a prayer for us as we entered the camp, and as we arrived the rain had slowed to a drizzle and then completely stopped for the rest of the evening. Our prayers were answered, we had a cold (in the 40s) night, but it was GREAT! It didn't start raining again until we were cleaning up our breakfast the next morning.
The Grants made to die for tin foil dinners! A mixture of 3 meats, potatoes, carrots, onions and yummy spices. DELICIOUS!
Talee and Tate whined almost the entire night, well - until the cupcake came out! Poor tired kids.

Malea turned 6 on the 27th, so we decided to celebrate while we were there. Happy Birthday girl!
Cute kid!

Then of course we put the babies down and the "big kids" had smores. And the we put the big kids down and the even bigger kids had YUMMY peach cobbler. Again, perfection!

I bought those HUGE marshmallows, remind me not to do that again. They were so big the insides don't get cooked, and then when you put them on the graham crackers the insides squeeze out all over your pants -- right, Malea! :)

The kids snuggled together in one tent and kept each other warm through the night. But, of course the babies were up before sunrise!
Breakfast is served!

Who put the bag of donuts within reach of the babies???? Can you see that they each have 3 in their hands? I think this was even round 2! Oh, well -- were CAMPING!


Richins Family said...

you guys are amazing! i think brett is a little bit jealous, pretty sure there is nothing that could have been said to get me out camping in the cold! you guys rock! lisa you look beautiful! i miss you! lets get together soon! love you

Kate Carney said...

I can't believe how big the twins are. I turn around and they're 2 1/2! I don't know how you do it.

Magnificent Myers said...

Fun! Fun! Just a little longer before the twins are out burning down the forest, right Joseph? You both look so happy in all the photos despite the cranky kiddos. I just love your family. We all enjoyed the pics and now our kids are whining for us to take them camping. On our list of 50 things to do this summer, that was one of the two things we did not get done. Wah! Wah! :)

ryan and berni said...

Camping in the cold always leaves you with great stories. What a party though! We sure do miss doing fun stuff with you guys!

allyson said...

I am glad you survived the camping. We went on one overnight camp trip and that is all Ben felt we could do. He did say last year that we were NEVER under any circumstances going to go camping I was surprised he softened at all.