Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas 2011

"Silent Night" ... well not quite! Although we took some time Christmas Eve to read and act out the Nativity story, our home is NEVER silent! However, we are grateful for the Holy nature of THAT silent night long ago! Let us always remember HIM!
One present to open Christmas Eve. (Thanks for the pajamas Nana Kathy!)

Here were some highlights from our Christmas 2011
Puzzles (thanks Nana Kathy!) and Dollar Store light-savers (thanks Eva!)

Flashlights (thanks DAD!)
Backpacks, dolls and cars (Thanks Nana Vicki)

Make-up and bags (Thanks Nana Vicki!) Nice lipstick Malea!

Cars (Thanks Nana Kathy!)
Painted Wooden Dolls (yes, i will take credit for painting those :)

Santa brought the older girls a Make-a-Bear Set. VERY FUN!

... and a HUGE house to color and play in! (hours of entertainment and then perfect to throw away! -- Joseph couldn't be happier, well I guess he would be happier if it didn't have markers with it!)

We can't forget the $2 costumes I got on Target clearance after Halloween. Gotta LOVE that!

We enjoyed a delicious dinner with our great friends! I guess we were so hungry and it all looked so good, we forgot to get a before picture! Oh, well! Here we are 5 pounds heavier! Enjoy!

We are so VERY BLESSED! Merry Christmas to you!

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Grams and Grumps said...

Can't believe how fast the children are growing and changing. What delightful gifts and pictures. (Did you paint the wooden dolls, Lisa?) Must be Spring there already...I notice Joseph is growing a little foliage! We'll be so excited to hear about Joseph's upcoming interviews. Sure do love you all!