Monday, January 9, 2012

Kiah Turns "8"

Our sweet little Kiah turned "8" this last week. I can't believe the time has flown! We had a little "Baking Birthday Party" for her. I guess I shouldn't have called it a "baking" party since we decided the kids wouldn't really have time to BAKE the cupcakes, decorate, and eat them too! We were going to have the kid help assemble some caramel brownies that we would then bake, but we ran out of time for even that! Oh well! I think the kids still had a fun time.

Kiah helped me make some yummy Red Velvet Cupcake Pops. I hadn't made them before, and learned a lot for next time, but they turned out cute, and YUMMY!

Kiah really wanted to invite 2 of her teachers from school. I did tell her that her teachers had real lives and probably would not be able to attend ... but, she wanted to give them an invitation anyway. Both of these sweet teachers dropped by, one even stayed for over an hour. It was BEYOND NICE!
Here is Kiah with Ms. Judge (her actual teacher). Here they are decorating their chef hats!
Then they fancied up their punch cups by adding some SUGAR crystals. So fancy!
Then we decorated cupcakes! Strawberry at the birthday girls request!
This is sweet Ms. Weisser. She is a special needs teacher who teaches the kids assigned to Kiah's homeroom class. Kiah has developed a "best friend" relationship with one her classmates who is one of Ms. Weisser's students. Kiah has a very kind heart and naturally is a nurturing "mother bear." She sits by her in class and at lunch, makes sure her needs are met, and that she is happy. She truly loves to take care of her, walk her places she needs to go, and even got a special "shout out" over the loud speaker from the principal for her kindness to this special friend. But, to Kiah she just loves this "best friend" because she is kind too! It was fun to have her come to Kiah's party as well!

And EAT!
Happy Birthday Sweet Kiah! It going to be a great and special year! The best part about being eight, is she will be baptized next weekend by her Father. Can't wait!

Kiah requested to go to Red Robin for her Birthday dinner. Her dad was just fine with that! Especially when Kiah ate all the ice cream that the servers brought her when they sang, and he had to order a MUD PIE, so that everyone could have some ice cream.

That is one BIG piece of pie!


Lora said...

Really cute party! I love the aprons! What a sweet girl.

Grams and Grumps said...

Happy Birthday, Kiah! What wonderful celebrations with friends and family! Did you make the aprons, Lisa? Really cute. I think I saw a big jar of Good and Plenty candies. Yummmmy! Congratulations and have a special baptismal day with Nana and Papa. We love you!!!!!!!!

Julia said...

Okay, I know I've said this a thousand times before, but...


Wow, there just aren't words.

Love you-

Adam and Jess said...

How creative, and it looks like they had so much fun. You even look like you made the aprons for them. I don't know how you do it.

ryan and berni said...

You guys always did know how to party! I can't believe Kiah is 8! Isn't it weird having kids that are 8? We can finally use the "You've been baptised" lines now.

By the way, I'm lovin the facial hair Joseph!