Saturday, May 19, 2012

Moving Day

Yes, that is a HUGE truck!!!  And ... we filled every single inch!
It was a crazy weekend!  We packed up our truck on Saturday, had graduation on Sunday, and then closed on our house Monday morning and started our journey west!

We so love our friends in our Pittsburgh 7th ward!  We had about 24 men come to help us pack up the truck.  They got all the stuff out so fast that Joseph stopped them from putting any more in the truck and sent them home.  It was coming in so fast it wouldn't have fit unless a little more time and tetras skill was applied to get it all in.  He waited for his dad to arrive to get that part done!  Thanks Bruce for your great packing skills! 

You can tell the kids slept awesome Saturday night!  

Last Sunday in church before we left for graduation!  Love you Courtney and Joan!
The Boys (Justin, James, Jacob, Tommy)

Wonderful Nancy and Elle

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