Wednesday, May 23, 2012

On the Road - First stop LEXINGTON

After we closed on our house Monday morning, we jumped in the van (and 26' truck) and headed to our first stop for the night -- LEXINGTON!!!  We drove through our first 3 states  -- West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky!  We stayed with the Bylunds and they were so sweet to have a few friends meet us at the house for a quick hello! This was such a highlight!!  

Then on the road again!!!!  We drove a LONG time!  The next day we drove through our next 5 states (Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma) and stayed in Tulsa. 

You can tell, they slept AWESOME!!!!
The next morning we woke up about 5:00am and got back on the road.  Today was sweet Eva's actual birthday, so after a few hours on the road we stopped at a Denny's for a Birthday Breakfast!  I think she enjoyed that -- however, it didn't sit very well with Joseph and about 25 miles down the road he lost it all! Gross! 

The 23rd we traveled through our last 2 states (Texas, and New Mexico) until we reached Alamogordo!  We stopped at a little ice cream shop on our way into town to celebrate our special 5 year old!

 So glad to have finally made it!

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