Monday, May 28, 2012

Graduation Cruise

Happy Graduation/ Anniversary to US!!!!  After packing, graduating, moving, unpacking, and then 3 days later driving to AZ for Jordan's graduation -- we decided to get back in the car and travel to CA for a cruise!  We definitely needed and greatly anticipated the break and time to relax!
It was SO much to have Mom and Dad Westover, Leah and Jason, Anna and Sid, 
Julia and Coltin, and Joshua and Katie all come too!  
Anchors Away!

Joseph's first order of business was to find the soft serve ice cream! Yum!

This magician scared the CRUD out of Julia. 

First stop, Catalina Island!
We joined Anna and Sid on some electric bikes around the island! It was a BLAST! 

Then found a quick snack, :) and headed to meet the group for snorkeling
at Lovers Cove!

Needless to say, the water was freezing.   

So wet suits were a must -- except for Katie and Josh who decided it would be fun
to freeze!

Lovers Cove!  :)



Then back on board for dinner and dancing!  




Day 2, we traveled to Ensenada .  Sid did a great job bargaining for us, and got us a private bus to take us wherever we wanted. 
Our first stop was the famous blow hole!  We were so glad we didn't pay anyone to take us there.  Not really anything happening!  

But it was super fun to shop on our way back to the van!
Then our bus driver had a contact for horseback riding. I should have dressed differently!  But we had a blast riding horses along the beach.  I think it cost like $15 each for an hour!










Then back to the boat!
The girls got together for a good old fashioned face lift! So much fun, and added some fake eye lashed for some added excitement for dinner! 






Such a fun trip!  Too short, but it was so great for us all to get away!



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