Monday, June 8, 2009

Dance Recital

We had a very busy week. The incoming dental students had orientation this past week and we had the privilege of hosting one of the girlfriends (Sarah) of an incoming student. The dental school also held a BBQ on Thursday night for all students and faculty then Friday night was the girls dance dress rehearsal and then another LDS 1st year and incoming student BBQ. Let's just say the girls (and us) were exhausted by Saturday which was the actual dance recital. The girls still had a fun time and did a great job.
Maria Moon, Laura Nelson, Kiah, Malea, Finley Waits
Joseph was a good sport - even though he has threatened to never attend a recital again (meaning the girls won't be in one)
This was Eva half way through
Here is the footage from the dress rehearsal. It was Malea's first time on a big stage. She is quite a talented dancer but we think she was a little stunned. She was quite a bit more with it during the recital. We were really proud of them both!

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